Precautions for Using SMT Components

Environmental conditions for storage of surface assembly components:
1. Ambient temperature: storage temperature <40℃
2. Production site temperature <30℃
3. Ambient humidity : < RH60%
4. Environmental atmosphere: no toxic gases such as sulfur, chlorine and acid that affect the welding performance are allowed in the storage and operating environment.
5. Antistatic measures: meet the antistatic requirements of SMT components.
6. Storage period of components: the storage period shall not exceed 2 years from the production date of the component manufacturer; The inventory time of machine factory users after purchase is generally not more than 1 year; If the factory is in a humid natural environment, the SMT components should be used within 3 months after purchase, and appropriate moisture-proof measures should be taken in the storage area and packaging of the components.
7. SMD devices with moisture resistance requirements. It must be used within 72 hours after opening and no longer than one week. If it can not be used up, it should be stored in the DRYING box of RH20%, and the SMD devices that have been damp should be dried and dehumidified according to the provisions.
8. The SMD (SOP, Sj, lCC and QFP, etc.) packed in plastic tube is not high temperature resistant and can not be directly baked in the oven. It should be placed in metal tube or metal tray to be baked.
9. QFP packaging plastic plate is not high temperature and high temperature resistance two. High temperature resistant (note Tmax=135℃, 150℃ or MAX180 ℃, etc.) can be directly put into the oven for baking; Not high temperature can not be directly into the oven baking, in case of accidents, should be placed in the metal plate for baking. Damage to the pins should be prevented during rotation, so as not to destroy their coplanar properties.
Transportation, sorting, inspection or manual mounting:

If you need to take the SMD device, wear an ESD wrist strap and use pen suction to avoid damaging the pins of SOP and QFP devices to prevent pin warping and deformation.
The remaining SMD can be saved as follows:

Equipped with special low temperature and low humidity storage box. Store the SMD that is not used temporarily after opening or together with the feeder in the box. But equipped with large special low temperature and low humidity storage tank costs higher.

Use the original intact packaging bags. As long as the bag is intact and the desiccant is in good condition (all black circles on the humidity indicator card are blue, no pink), the unused SMD can still be put back into the bag and sealed with tape.

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Post time: Sep-14-2021