Three kinds of mount head commonly used in mount machine

SMT machine is the instruction issued by the system in the work, so as to cooperate with the mounting head mounting work, the mounting head of pick and place machine is very important in the whole mounting system. Placing head plays a great role in the process of placing components on the mounting machine. Sometimes, because SMT machine faces different mounting needs, the mounting head is also different. In the process of carrying out different tasks, choosing the right mount head can make chip mounting machine get twice the result with half the effort. In the SMT machine, the three commonly used types are fixed single head, fixed long head and rotary long head.

The following is to explain the occasions they are applicable to:
I. Fixed single head type mounting head
Fixed single head is only one mount head, so this single head SMT machine product price is cheaper, but the mount speed is slower. Generally, in the case of insufficient funds and fewer customers in the early stage, you can choose the fixed single head mount mount machine, which can achieve a high cost performance, suitable for new small business companies.

II. Fixed multi-head laminator
Fixed multi-head mount head is an upgraded version of the single head, generally use four to eight head mount machine for production, because the cost of mount head is not high, so when the customer source is a little more, you can appropriate mount head number of iron plate mount machine, so as to improve production efficiency.

III. Rotating multi-head type mounting head
In the production of rotary multi-head mount machine, it can not only greatly improve the mount speed, but also improve the accuracy, and the mount failure rate is not more than 3/10000.
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Post time: Mar-29-2021