• PCB Loader and Unloader

    PCB Loader and Unloader

    PCB loader and unloader are important in setting up an automatic SMT line, they could help to save labor cost and improve work efficiency. Loading, unloading PCB boards from your assembly line is the first and last step in the SMT production.

    Neoden offers one-stop SMT solutions for customers, please feel free to contact us if you want to build an SMT line. 

  • Automatic conveyor J12

    Automatic conveyor J12

    J12-1.2m long conveyor. The PCB/SMT conveyor( J12) could be used for linking PCB equipment, in order to build an automatic or a high-efficiency SMT assembly line. But it also has many other functions like visual inspection stage in the quality analysis process of any electronic product development process, or in the manual PCB assembling and also PCB buffering functions.

  • Auto small conveyor J10

    Auto small conveyor J10

    J10-1.0m long PCB conveyor, this conveyor has a variety of functions and it is widely used in SMT/PCB industry. For example: use conveyors as the connection between SMT production lines. It can also be used for PCB buffering, visual inspection, PCB testing or manual placement of electronic components.

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