How to clean the suction nozzle of SMT machine?

Suction nozzle is to absorb the electronic components of the precision parts, is an important part of SMT machine parts, suction nozzle maintenance is the most important. A lot of chip throwing problems are also the reason for the nozzle, so the nozzle must be well maintained. For reducing the chip throwing material, improve the efficiency of the SMT machine, to ensure that the whole line production capacity has a vital factor. The following is an introduction to the chip machine nozzle how to maintain, with what to clean and other methods.

SMD machine nozzle with what cleaning?

1. Artificial steel needle stab suction nozzle through-hole


Part of the nozzle hole is not through, and the steel needle easy to damage the nozzle

2. Industrial alcohol + air gun (with a clean soft cloth sticky industrial alcohol scrubbing and then air gun blowing clean)


Can not clean the nozzle cavity, industrial alcohol for some materials nozzle corrosive

3. Ultrasonic cleaning machine


nozzle collision between each other, causing damage to the surface coating, cleaning fluid penetration will also cause the reflection plate off

4. Automatic nozzle cleaning machine


Pneumatic principle design, with the machine comes with high-pressure liquid storage device, through high-pressure atomization, produce and fine water spray to the nozzle, cleaning the nozzle surface and internal dirt, cleaning machine cleaning agent for deionized water, no pollution, no damage to the nozzle, and can be automatically cleaned, saving manpower.


Post time: Mar-15-2023

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