Main structure of the SMT machine

Do you know the internal structure of surface mount machine? See below:

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I. SMT mount machine frame

The frame is the foundation of the mount machine, all the transmission, positioning, transmission mechanisms are firmly fixed on it, all kinds of feeder can also be placed. Therefore, the frame should have enough mechanical strength and rigidity, the current mount machine can be roughly divided into integral casting type and steel plate welding type two categories.

II. Transmit mechanism and support platform of SMT assembly machine
The function of the transfer mechanism is to send the PCB that needs the patch to the predetermined location, and then send it to the next process after the patch is completed. The conveyer is an ultra-thin belt conveyer system mounted on a track, usually at the edge of the track.

III. SMT machine heads
The pasting head is the key part of the pasting machine. After picking up the components, it can automatically correct the position under the correction system and accurately pasting the components to the designated position. The development of the patch head is a sign of the progress of the patch machine. The patch machine has developed from the early single head and mechanical alignment to the multi-head optical alignment.

IV. Feeder of SMT Machine
The function of the feeder is to provide the chip components SMC/SMD to the chip head according to certain rules and order, so as to pick up accurately and conveniently. It occupies a large number and position in the chip machine, and is also an important part of the selection of the chip machine and the arrangement of the chip process. Depending on the SMC/SMD package, feeders are usually available in strip, tube, disk and bulk form.

V. The SMT sensor
Mounting machine is equipped with a variety of sensors, such as pressure sensor, negative pressure sensor and position sensor, with the improvement of intelligent Mounting machine, can be carried out component electrical performance inspection, always monitor the normal operation of the machine. The more sensors are used, the higher the intelligence level of the SMT is.

VI. XY and Z/θ servo positioning system of SMT
Function XY positioning system is the key to the SMT machine, also is the main index in the evaluation accuracy of SMT machine, it including the XY transmission mechanism and XY servo system, there are two common ways of working: one kind is to support the opening, the opening is installed on the X guide rail, X guide along the Y direction so as to realize the whole process of patch in the Y direction, this kind of structure in the multi-function SMT machine to see more; The other is to support the PCB bearing platform and realize the PCB moving in the XY direction. This kind of structure is commonly seen in the turret type rotating head mount machine. The mount head of the turret type high-speed mount machine only does rotating movement, and relies on the horizontal movement of the feeder and the movement of the PCB moving plane to complete the mount process. The above XY positioning system belongs to the structure of moving guide rail.

VII. Optical Identification System of Mounting Machine
Post opening after absorbing components, CCD camera imaging of components, and translated into digital image signal, after the computer analysis of geometric dimensions of the components and geometric center, and comparing with control program of the data, calculate the suction nozzle center with components in Δ X, Δ Y and Δ theta error, and timely feedback to the control system, ensure that components pins and PCB solder overlap.

Post time: Apr-01-2021