Structure Composition of Reflow Oven

NeoDen IN6NeoDen IN6 Reflow oven

1. Reflow soldering oven air flow system: high air convection efficiency, including speed, flow, fluidity and penetration capacity.

2. SMT welding machine heating system: hot air motor, heating tube, thermocouple, solid-state relay, temperature control device, etc.

3. Reflow soldering transmission system: including guide rail, mesh belt (central support), chain, transport motor, track width adjustment structure, transport speed control mechanism and other parts.

4. Reflow oven cooling system: it can quickly cool the PCB after heating, usually in two ways: air cooling and water cooling.

5. Nitrogen protection system of reflow soldering: PCB is nitrogen protected in the preheating zone, welding zone and cooling zone in the whole process, which can prevent oxidation of solder joint and copper foil at high temperature, enhance the wetting ability of melting filler metal, reduce internal cavity and improve the quality of solder joint.

6. Reflow soldering flux recovery unit: flux in the waste gas recovery system generally has the evaporator, through the evaporator will exhaust (welding aid volatiles) heated to above 450 ℃, the flux volatile matter gasification, then cold water machine after water cooling circulation after evaporation, the flux through the upper fan, forming liquid flow through the evaporator cooling to the recovery tank.

7. Reflow soldering waste gas treatment and recovery device: the purpose of the main three points: environmental protection requirements, do not let the flux volatiles directly discharged into the air; The solidification and precipitation of waste gas in welding will affect the hot air flow and reduce the convection efficiency, so it needs to be recycled. If nitrogen welding is chosen, in order to save nitrogen and recycle nitrogen, a flux exhaust gas recovery system must be equipped.

8. Air pressure raising device of reflow welding cap: it is easy to clean the welding chamber. When the reflow welding machine needs to be cleaned and maintained, or when the plate falls off during production, the upper cover of the reflow furnace needs to be opened.

9. Reflow soldering exhaust device: forced exhaust can ensure good flux discharge, special exhaust gas filtration, ensure the clean air in the working environment, reduce exhaust gas pollution to the exhaust pipe.

10. Shape structure of reflow soldering: including shape, heating section and heating length of equipment.

Post time: Jul-16-2021