What are the indicators of SMT machine precision?

Pick and place machinePick and place machine

SMT line equipment, SMT machine is the most core, the most critical equipment, generally occupy more than 60% of the cost of the whole line. Choose pick and place machine, many people will ask the accuracy of SMT machine this important parameter index. The precision of the chip determines the type of components mounted by the chip machine and the field it can be applied to. The precision and speed of the chip machine directly affect production efficiency. SMT mount machine accuracy includes three indicators: mount positioning accuracy, repetition accuracy, resolution.

1. Positioning accuracy of pick and place machine
Positioning accuracy refers to the deviation between the position of the actual mount components and the position of the components set by the mount machine. There are two main factors affecting the mount accuracy, translation error and rotation error. The translation error mainly comes from the X-Y axis positioning system, while the rotation error refers to the inaccuracy of the central mechanism of the components.

2. Repeating accuracy of pick and place machine
Repeated accuracy refers to the repetition accuracy of the SMT mount machine for a specific coordinate position, and the deviation is the repetition accuracy. Therefore, the sample accuracy given by SMT mount machine is represented by the repetition accuracy of the SMT mount machine.

3. Resolution of pick and place machine
The resolution of the placement machine refers to R resolution rotation axis, received instructions from the pulse signals, when the head will mount head R shaft rotation degrees, impulse, good placement machine resolution do 0.0024 / resolution can also be simple to understand for the machine running the smallest increment of one dimension, and measure the movement precision of the machine itself is an important performance index.

Post time: Jun-04-2021