What Is Offline AOI Machine?

Introduction of Offline AOI Machine

Offline AOI optical detection equipment is the general name of AOI after reflow oven and AOI after wave soldering machine. After SMD parts are mounted or soldered on the surface mount PCBA production line, the polarity test function of electrolytic capacitor can automatically detect the mount state and solder state of parts and detect the defects of PCBA welding.


Types of Offline AOI Machine

AOI equipment is usually divided into three kinds according to the position on the assembly line:

The first is placed on screen printing after the detection of solder paste failure AOI, called screen printing after AOI.

The second is the AOI that is placed after the patch to detect the device mounting failure, which is called post-patch AOI.

The third kind of AOI is put on AOI after reflow welding and AOI after wave welding to detect device mounting and welding failure at the same time, called AOI after reflow welding, offline automatic AOI optical detection equipment.


Why to Install Offline AOI Machine?

The real purpose of off-line AOI equipment in SMT production is not simply to replace the manual inspection of the assembly quality of the circuit board, as most people understand it at present, but to provide a data basis for analysis of SPC, and to collect defect information to improve the quality of products. On this basis, provide suitable SPC chart for SMT process modification.The charts should be generated in real time as a powerful tool for engineers to manage product quality on the production line, and should have more instructive charts than simple but not intuitive statistical tables. In summary, SPC analysis report will become the direct basis to control the production process, but also the key to improve production efficiency and reduce defects.

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Post time: Sep-29-2021