What is the cause of corrosion on the surface of PCBA?

After PCBA welding, there will be residues of tin, flux, dust and employees’ fingerprints on the surface of the PCBA board, leading to the surface of the PCBA board is dirty, and the organic acids and electric ions in the flux residue will cause corrosion and short circuit on the PCBA board. Residues on the PCBA board can be handled by manual cleaning and machine cleaning. Residual cleaning in time will not appear on the surface of PCBA corrosion.


The following product is NeoDen PCB cleaning machine:


1. Modular drawer type design, brush cleaning or roller brush cleaning are synchronous switched mode at any time according to the needs of different work, flexibility.

2. PLC control system, HMI control panel, easier operation.

3. Use high speed spiral brush can improve cleanliness and save the consumption of sticky dust paper.

4. Use high quality cleaning roller to provide the best cleaning effect and service life.

5. Patent coupling transmission structure, is more conducive to the operation of the machine and the longer component service life.



Product name PCB board cleaning machine SMT cleaning machine 
Model PCF-250
PCB size(L*W) 50*50mm-350*250mm
Dimension(L*W*H) 555*820*1350mm
PCB thickness 0.4~5mm
Power source 1Ph 300W  220VAC 50/60Hz                                                            
Cleaning sticky roller                   Upper*2
Sticky dust paper Upper*1 roll
Speed 0~9m/min(Adjustable)
Track height 900±20mm/(or customized)
Transport direction L→R or R→L
Air supply Air inlet pipe size 8mm
Weight(kg) 80kg


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