What structure does reflow oven consist of?

Reflow oven

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Reflow oven is used to solder circuit board patch components in SMT production line. The advantages of reflow soldering machine are that the temperature is easily controlled, oxidation is avoided during the welding process, and manufacturing costs are more easily controlled. There is a heating circuit inside the reflow oven, and the nitrogen is heated to a high enough temperature and then blown to the circuit board that has been attached to the components, so that the solder on both sides of the components will melt and bond to the motherboard. What is the structure of reflow furnace? Please see the following:
The reflow oven is mainly composed of air flow system, heating system, cooling system, transmission system, flux recovery system, exhaust gas treatment and recovery device, cap air pressure raising device, exhaust device and other structures and shape structures.

I. Air flow system of reflow oven
The role of air flow system is high convection efficiency, including speed, flow, fluidity and permeability.

II. Reflow oven heating system
The heating system is composed of hot air motor, heating tube, thermocouple, solid state relay, temperature control device and so on.

III. Cooling system of reflow oven
The function of the cooling system is to cool the heated PCB quickly. There are usually two ways: air cooling and water cooling.

IV. Reflow soldering machine drive system
Transmission system includes mesh belt, guide rail, central support, chain, transport motor, track width adjustment structure, transport speed control mechanism and other parts.

V. Flux recovery system for reflow oven
Flux exhaust gas recovery system is generally equipped with an evaporator, through the evaporator will heat the exhaust gas to more than 450℃, the flux volatiles gasification, and then the water cooling machine after circulating through the evaporator, flux through the upper fan extraction, through the evaporator cooling liquid flow to the recovery tank.

VI. Waste gas treatment and recovery device of reflow oven
The purpose of the waste gas treatment and recovery device mainly has three points: environmental protection requirements, do not let the flux volatiles directly into the air; The solidification and precipitation of waste gas in reflow furnace will affect the hot air flow and reduce the convection efficiency, so it needs to be recycled. If a nitrogen reflow furnace is selected, in order to save nitrogen, it is necessary to recycle nitrogen. Flux exhaust gas recovery system must be equipped.

VII. Air pressure raising device of reflow soldering machine top cover
The top cover of reflow soldering oven can be opened as a whole to facilitate the cleaning of reflow soldering furnace. When the plate falls off during the maintenance or production of reflow soldering furnace, the top cover of reflow soldering furnace should be opened.

VIII. Reflow soldering machine shape structure
The external structure is welded by sheet metal.

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