Pcb Soldering Reflow Oven NeoDen T8L

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PCB soldering reflow oven is used for soldering well-placed electronic components on kinds of pcb, support most normal components, led, BGA, LED soldering work, max temperature can reach 270°.

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1.T-8L nondetachable structure reflow oven worked with hot wind to solder PCB, support most normal components, LED and kinds of IC.

2. Crawler-type structure matched with eight heating zones can make inside temperature more accurate and well-proportioned, just need 15-20min to reach the working temperature.

3.Using AC motor to drive the conveyor belt, chain type transmission way. Speed adjustment is controlled by automatic electronic analog switch, which sensitivity no more than 1 degree,control accuracy ±10mm/min.



Length*Width*Height (mm) 2100*700*1280
Peak Power(KW) 12
Working Power(KW) 5
Input Voltage(V) 220/380
Conveyor Width(mm) 300
Standard Max Height (mm) 20
Customized Max height(mm) 55
Max Speed of Conveyor (mm) 1200
Packing Size 220*80*128CM
Gross Weight 300KG

Smt Reflow Oven

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