SMT pick and place machine Neoden K1830

Short Description:

  • Nozzle qty and software optimization make N8 placement speed increased 10-20%
  • Full Ethernet communication keep the machine working in a stable, anti-interference condition
  • Various new sensors be installed on machine: Magnetic grid ruler for XY; Independent sensors for nozzle up-down and rotation; Also with sensor for inspection if nozzles in the same level
  • High precision mark cameras and flying vision

Product Detail


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Model NeoDen-K1830
Nozzle head qty 8
Reel tape feeder qty max. 66
Tray feeder qty 10
PCB size max. 760*300mm (under single phase)
Component available size 0201 (electric feeder), 0402-1210
IC available QFP, SSOP, QFN, BGA
Placement accuracy 0.01mm
Component available height max. 18mm
Air supply >0.6MPa
Power 500W
Voltage 220/ 110V
Speed max. 16,000cph
Component recognition Flying vision
PCB recognition High precision mark camera
PCB transfer direction Left→right


Closed loop control system can realize a high precision feedback system.

Easy operation:

Realize setting batch feeders’ pick-up position at the same time Realize setting batch feeder’s pick-up height at the same time

Double mark cameras can reach each feeder’s position

Support both electric feeder and pneumatic feeder, feeder selection more flexibly

Advantages compared with N7:

More feeder qty; Internal rails more stable; Higher placement precision

Mechanical structure more reasonable


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